Strategy and Planning

The secret to great research is having a plan...

Developing a research strategy is a key step towards ensuring that the money you spend on research delivers the maximum amount of value back into your business.  To that end, it is important to do your homework before you begin undertakng research.

In an era of increased personalisation and the advent of the theory of 'one to one' CRM oriented marketing, the idea that bog standard 'off' the shelf' research approaches can address the needs of businesses is not realistic.

Core to our approach is to develop an idiosyncratic research programme to best suit the unique needs of our clients.  In particular, it is important to ensure that the outputs of the research are actionable within the confines of the NZ marketplace/client resources.

The key focus is to provide a research programme that is aligned so that the insights generated in the touch point deep dives align with the more strategic, macro level surveys

Each study should be designed to contribute to a larger, strategic view of the business while still delivering the required insights at a tactical level