Quantitative Research
Quantitative Expertise
comes from selecting the right quantitative approach to best suit the needs of the customer. If the statistics do not generate actionable outcomes, then we have not done our job.
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Customer Panel Research
Robust Customer Panels
as part of a well planned Research Strategy can be an extremely effective way of providing a customer’s perspective to your marketing or customer management programme.
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Strategy and Planning
A Holistic Research Approach
allows you to maximise your customers insights by virtue of triangulation and parsimony. Look for answers in more than once place and ensure that you are measuring what you think you are measuring…
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Its about driving change...

It is important to remember, that research, no matter how good it is, is only useful to the business if it drives action and debate. We believe very strongly that the research should be driven by the needs of the business, not by the needs of the research agency. We do not believe in ‘off the shelf’ research. Camorra Research prides itself on being a specialist in personalised research. Our emphasis is on ensuring that we have market leading skills and a ‘best of breed’ research toolkit that allows us to develop a unique programme of research suited to the unique needs of each of our customers.
We Specialise in...
  • Research Strategy
  • Advanced Analytics/Research Methods
  • Customer Panel Development/Maintenance
  • Customer Experience Tracking
  • Brand Equity/Brand Performance
  • Advertising Performance
  • Segmentation (Behavioural/Attitudinal)
  • Attitudinal/Behavioural Data Integration