Quantitative Research

It's more than just numbers...

At Camorra Research, we specialise in doing quantitative research.  We have the resources to undertake a wide range of quantitative research approaches and statistical methodologies.  We have the tools and we have the experience.

What sets us apart is that we are not fixated on the statistical approach - stats are fun but if the study has not been designed well or the analysis is too complicated for the client to action, the net result is GIGO - Garbage In Garbage Out.

We firmly believe that statistical methodologies should be like tools in a toolkit - right tool for the right job!!

From our perspective, an elegant statistical analysis is one that allows the client to clearly see what the right course of action is for their business.  The focus should be on the outcome, not on the statistical models that got us to that outcome.

To that end, our primary focus is on understanding the needs of the customer before we select a statistical approach.  Understanding what decisions need to be made, what options are available, etc., all feed into our thinking in terms of designing the survey, sampling strategy, analyses, and reporting.

We have the statistical toolkit and are research savvy enough to know when to use each of the tools we have at our disposal!