Customer Panel Research

A different way of thinking about customer research

Through our partner Vision Critical ( we provide our clients with an opportunity to establish their own online customer panel to support their ongoing customer research needs.

An ONLINE CUSTOMER PANEL consists of a large group of customers who are willing to participate in ongoing research via online surveys.

Customer Panels serve as tools to allow companies to quickly and efficiently target surveys to select sub-groups of respondents from whom information is gathered in advance.

Establishing your own customer panel will generated from market research and, at the same time, will significantly reduce costs.

Funnelling some of your research to a customer panel will allow you to:

  • Reduce Costs by doing your own research for a fixed cost based on panellist numbers
  • Do More Research without worrying about additional costs
  • Do More Integrated Research by linking transactional data with market research
  • Do More Exploratory Research with the flexibility to do research that is less defined
  • Do True Panel Research with the ability to link survey responses over time
  • Get Better Results For Products & Ads by showcasing images, sound, & video
  • Get Faster Results by getting responses within as little as a few hours or days