Camorra Research Ltd

Personalised Research Partner

Camorra Research prides itself on being a specialist in personalised research. Our emphasis is on ensuring that we have market leading skills and a 'best of breed' toolkit that allows us to develop a unique programme of research suited to the unique needs of each of our customers.

Consistent with this approach, we are not into 'volume' research. Our business model is based on developing deep relationships with our clients and assisting them with their research wherever it makes sense to do so. To that end, we offer our clients exclusivity within vertical markets.

Shawn Henry started Camorra Research in 2004 after spending 3 years with Vodafone NZ and over a decade in research back in Canada.


"Its All About Driving Action - we have been client side, we understand client needs, and focus on ensuring that the results generated by our work is Actionable.